Export Markets

Removing existing major taxes on your business and cutting the cost of Taxation admin and compliance to make your:

  • employees cost one third less to employ and only 2 CENT TAX per $1 on their cost to employ

  • higher skilled better paid jobs affordable (no progressive tax)

  • products more competitive in all markets

2 CENT TAX can increase the return for your investors, overcome money concerns and give your life a whole new meaning by:

  • removing tax on profits, savings and super fund benefits

  • your take home pay will buy 40% more of your personal consumption goods and services, leaving you with money to:

    • buy what you have been going without

    • pay off debt

    • save for your needs and retirement

  • increasing demand for your reduced priced products, giving you the business confidence to:

    • take on more employees

    • invest in IT and R&D

    • production expansion

    • target marketing to add to competitiveness

  • jobs replacing welfare, to cut the cost of Government, leaving cash in hand for new infrastructure to increase the competitiveness of Australian industry for increased sales in the domestic market to replace imports and for increased exports