Federal / State / Local

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT with NO debt and fully funded with cash in hand for infrastructure renewal and new infrastructure to improve Australia’s competitive position in domestic and export markets to secure Australia’s future as an Independent Sovereign Democracy.

STATE AND TERRITORY GOVERNMENTS with their own 2 CENT TAX revenue and independent of the Federal Government.  All budget outlays at reduced cost, fully funded and cash in hand to pay off debt without the sale or lease of public assets and no cuts to services to the public. The reduced cost of infrastructure renewal and new infrastructure development in the States and Territories to be funded by the Federal Government on its substantial cash in hand surpluses.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT budget outlays at reduced cost to be funded by reduced general rates and charges for services. The Federal Government with substantial cash in hand for funding, reduced cost, infrastructure renewal and new infrastructure development including to support the needs of the local community and of local industry including Tourism.  Making Australia a happy place to live and welcoming to tourists.


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